GOT7’s JB Was Willing To Risk His Chic Image To Make Youngjae Happy And Score A “Hard Carry” Mission Hint

JB really wanted the hint!

When faced with any game, puzzle, or mission, there’s absolutely no stopping GOT7‘s competitive leader. He’s always ready to do just about anything to claim victory even when that means his chic and cool image is put on the line!


In the first episode of GOT7’s Hard Carry 2.5, GOT7 were presented with their missions — search for Youngjae and find the missing bird plushie representing Ahgase. With the hunt on, everyone was working hard to unravel the clues and find Youngjae.


But finding Youngjae was definitely not easy so when JB got a surprise call from Youngjae, he didn’t let the opportunity pass and asked Youngjae to give him a hint. Youngjae was willing to give him one, under one condition! Youngjae wanted JB to play on a slide at a playground!

Youngjae-ah, can I get a hint?

— JB


Although taking a moment to play at a children’s playground may not be the coolest thing to do, but JB’s competitive spirit was going full blast! With his competitiveness kicked into an even higher gear, JB and Mark immediately started searching for the nearest playground!


And when they found one, JB made a beeline straight for the slide and didn’t hesitate a second before sliding down while Mark captured the moment!


Meanwhile, as Youngjae patiently waited at one of his stops, he suddenly got a message from Mark and JB, one that had him bursting into laughter! Because what did he receive but a picture of JB slipping down the slide!


With JB’s mini-mission complete, Youngjae stayed true to his word and did give JB and Mark a hint about his current location. Although, unfortunately for them, it wasn’t long before Youngjae moved onto his next location making that hint a bit obsolete.


But even if JB and Mark didn’t really get to use the hint, JB’s willingness to ride the slide just for a hint has been putting a huge smile on Ahgases’ faces…


And making them crack up hard!


JB is cute-sexy indeed!