GOT7’s JB Insisted He Was In Yugyeom’s Heart When Asked Where He Was And It’s Cuteness Overload

Where can you find JB? In Yugyeom’s heart!

In the first episode of GOT7‘s Hard Carry 2.5, Ahgase got to see plenty of hilarious antics as the search was on for Youngjae and the missing bird plushie (aka Ahgase) but they also got a double dose of cute thanks to one particular interaction between JB and Yugyeom!


During the search, Yugyeom decided to call JB to find out where JB was.

Where are you right now?

— Yugyeom


While Yugyeom was looking for a straightforward answer and really wanted to know where his hyung actually was, JB had a different answer in mind! Instead of a street name or naming a specific place, JB told Yugyeom he was right there with him — in his heart!

Your heart.

— JB


Yugyeom couldn’t hide his smile when he heard his hyung’s words but at the same time, he really wanted to know where JB actually was! Trying again, Yugyeom attempted to find out JB’s location only to have JB once again tell him he had found a place in Yugyeom’s heart!

Yugyeom’s heart!

— JB


After hearing JB’s words yet again, Yugyeom could only respond back that he liked JB’s words but still wanted to know where he was! And luckily for the shy maknae, JB did eventually reveal his location to Yugyeom!

I like it too but where are you?

— Yugyeom


Meanwhile, that particular moment has been finding a place in Ahgases’ hearts!


And why wouldn’t it! It’s adorable!