GOT7’s Jinyoung Sent BamBam Into Full Panic Mode By Pointing Out His Spoiler Was Really A Double Spoiler

Panic mode activated:

GOT7 have a long history of spoiling their comebacks and pretty much any kind of spoiler is on the table. Sometimes they’ll drop major hints about their title tracks, other times they sneak in some clues about song melodies, and sometimes they’ll spoil some key point moves.

Although they may be spoiler kings, they love to keep plenty of secrets for themselves too! Except, when BamBam gave a spoiler during GOT7’s DYE Live Premiere Eve broadcast he accidentally gave two and the realization had him panicking big time!

After BamBam had already given one quick choreo spoiler, Mark suggested that he give one more. And BamBam being the spoil master that he is, immediately took him up on the suggestion!

Heading straight for the camera, BamBam gave Ahgase another quick peek at the choreography for “Aura”.

There was one problem, however! As BamBam returned to his seat, Jinyoung burst his bubble as he pointed out that they’d never actually said they had choreography for “Aura”! Cue a very panicked BamBam!

Wait. We never said we have choreography for “Aura” though…

— Jinyoung

Meanwhile, Jackson turned to Jinyoung and pointed out that no one would have known any different if Jinyoung hadn’t pointed it out!

If you hadn’t said that, no one would have noticed!

— Jackson

Although BamBam may have accidentally spoiled the fact that they have choreo for “Aura”, many fans pointed out that he didn’t spoil too much since the camera angle didn’t really show anything. Seeing his panicked reaction and his members’ reactions, however, has been absolutely delighting fans!

You’ve got to love a spoiler king! You can experience the full moment for yourself around the 58-minute and 40-second mark below: