Jinyoung Successfully Tricked BamBam Into Leaving His Name Tag Exposed During GOT7’s Game

BamBam definitely did not see it coming:

Ahgase never knows what kind of weird and wonderful dance practice videos they’re going to get each comeback, after all, GOT7 have dropped everything from boyfriend versions to space-themed originals directed by Jackson! And this time, they’re back with a brand new dance practice video complete that put their survival skills to the test, or at least their name tag survival skills!


The rules of this dance practice? Remove another member’s name tag when the music stops. With plenty of wacky costumes set aside for the penalty, they were all prepared to do just about anything to make sure their tags weren’t the ones being removed!


So when the game started in full, everyone went in full protection mode. JB played dead going straight for the floor for some protection, while Jackson took things to new heights as he scaled the practice room cabinetry to escape his members!


With each of them providing the ultimate protection to their name tags, there was only one solution — to team up and take out someone else together. Their target? JB!

Let’s catch the fish (JB).

— Jinyoung


Or was he? As all of the members (except Jackson who was still chilling on the cabinets) descended on JB, Jinyoung saw his opportunity to rip someone else’s name tag and took it! In one swift move, he grabbed BamBam‘s tag and swiped it clean off!


When BamBam realized what had happened he couldn’t believe it especially since he thought he was helping Jinyoung to remove JB’s name tag!

Whoa, I was totally helping him though! Wow… Really!

— BamBam


Unfortunately for BamBam, Jinyoung was just too sneaky! Check out the moment Jinyoung tricks BamBam and many more hilarious moments from their name tag survival dance practice below:


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