GOT7 Jinyoung’s Intense Surfing Will Convince You He Needs To Star In An Action Movie Stat

Seriously, we need action star Park right now!

With the chase for Youngjae heating up in the latest episode of GOT7‘s Hard Carry 2.5, fans were not only blessed with plenty of hilarious hijinks and interactions but they also got to experience one moment so heart-stopping that Ahgase everywhere are now 1000% certain Jinyoung needs to star in an action movie stat!


After successfully finding Youngjae and getting the opportunity for some clues about the location of Ahgase (in this case a small bird plush), Jackson and Jinyoung headed to an indoor surf shop with Youngjae to continue their mission!


While Ahgase were prepared for plenty of surfing fails to have them cracking up, what they weren’t expecting were the action movie star vibes from Jinyoung!


Quickly finding his balance on the board, Jinyoung had everyone swooning his intense gaze and focus!


Not to mention the smooth way he handled the board!


With Jinyoung riding the waves like it was no big deal, Ahgase are very ready to see Jinyoung make a return as actor Park, this time as an action star!


This isn’t the first time that Jinyoung has proven he’s got what it takes to be a top action hero, either! During He Is Psychometric, Jinyoung did all the stunt moves himself!


Adding these amazing and intense skills to his already jaw-dropping stuntman skills, yeah, we definitely need to see Jinyoung star in an action movie right now! See it for yourself below: