GOT7’s Jinyoung Admitted He Had No Idea Yugyeom And JB Sang The OST For His Drama

No wonder their voices sounded familiar!

GOT7‘s JB and Yugyeom had their own special way of supporting Jinyoung on his latest drama… only Jinyoung had no idea!


During a series of recent interviews about his He Is Psychometric drama, Jinyoung not only opened up about his kiss scene Shin Ye Eun but he also shared how his members reacted and supported his role.

The members watched the drama and only told me good things. They sent me screenshots and teased me a lot, trying to make me feel less nervous. They also cheered me on and sent food trucks to the sets so I was able to be confident in filming.

— Jinyoung


While he definitely had a lot of support from his members, there was one act of support that almost went completely unnoticed! As fans know Yugyeom and JB sang the song “Take” for the drama’s soundtrack…


But when Jinyoung first heard the song, he knew that the voices on the track were incredibly familiar but he just couldn’t place them!

At first, I really didn’t know JUS2 sang the OST. When the track was playing at the end, I just thought the voices sounded really similar.

— Jinyoung


Jinyoung even admitted that when JB said something about it to him, he was still completely clueless in his role in the track!

Before that, JB hyung said to me, ‘I sang it well!’ I had no idea what he was talking about at the time.

— Jinyoung


But eventually, the mystery of those familiar voices was solved!

Since I had no idea, I was really surprised when I saw JUS2 written in the credits!

— Jinyoung


With Jinyoung spending a long time puzzling over the soundtrack, it might not be too much of a surprise that the two members he revealed to have teased him the most were JB and Yugyeom!

JB and Yugyeom teased me the most. They are the two people that sang for the OST. Those two teased me the most.

— Jinyoung


Who knew that one of the most surprising moments from Jinyoung’s time in He Is Psychometric would be the mystery of who sang the OST! Jinyoung will probably double check all the soundtracks to his future dramas from now on!

Source: xsportsnews