Jeon So Min Was So Into GOT7 Jinyoung’s “Touch My Body” Dancing She Didn’t Want Him To Stop

Same girl, same.

After Ahgase witnessed Jeon So Min‘s adorable and oh-so relatable reaction to seeing Jinyoung during the November 17 broadcast of Running Man, they didn’t think she could get any more relatable! But So Min just proved she is the ultimate relatable Ahgase after she witnessed an up-close version of Jinyoung’s dance skills!


As every Ahgase knows, when Jinyoung starts dancing it means a whole lot of trouble for our hearts. So when Jeon So Min was positioned next to Jinyoung during their relay dance game, she couldn’t help fangirling a little!


As Jinyoung danced to Girls’ Generation‘s “Into The New World” and tried to teach So Min the moves, her focus was on Jinyoung and Jinyoung only! As she spun around and mirrored his moves, she couldn’t hide the big grin on her face!


In fact, she was having so much fun that Yoo Jae Suk couldn’t help cracking a joke that it looked like they were witnessing a moment from the movie “Dirty Dancing”!

Is this ‘Dirty Dancing’ or what?

— Yoo Jae Suk


But that wasn’t the only moment So Min was caught being mesmerized by Jinyoung’s moves! In another round, Jinyoung needed to dance SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body”…


And So Min was loving the moves. In fact, she was loving it so much she didn’t want him to stop!

One more time!

— Jeon So Min


Ahgase are absolutely loving So Min’s incredibly relatable reactions to Jinyoung’s dancing, especially her reaction to Jinyoung’s SISTAR performance!


See why So Min was so mesmerized by Jinyoung’s dazzling moves in the videos below: