GOT7’s Jinyoung Got Proposed To During His Live And Came Back With The Most Jinyoung Answer Ever

Ahgase were in complete agreement it was an answer that was so Jinyoung:

It’s impossible for anyone not to fall in love with GOT7‘s Jinyoung. His jaw-dropping visuals, honey vocals, deadly dance moves, thoughtful and caring actions, and sweet personality make him extremely loveable. With so many outstanding qualities, it’s no surprise that one Ahgase couldn’t help pouring out their love for Jinyoung and proposed to him!



Right before a recent autograph event with fans, Jinyoung decided to spend some quality time with Ahgase through a livestream where he answered questions, had a bit of accident with the phone, and was just too soft for words! But during the live, Jinyoung also got a marriage proposal and his answer had Ahgase everywhere agreeing that it was the most Jinyoung reaction ever.


During the live, Jinyoung was reading through comments when he stumbled upon one Ahgases bold marriage proposal.


Without hesitating for one second, Jinyoung made his apologies…


Before telling the fan they should think about it a little more!


While the fan’s fellow Ahgase were in 100% agreement that there was nothing to think about because who wouldn’t want to marry Jinyoung, they couldn’t help cracking up at his answer…


And agreeing that it was pure Jinyoung!