GOT7’s Jinyoung Loves To Read, But That Doesn’t Mean He Reads A Lot

His reason for loving books is so endearing.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung is famous for his love of books, having recommended many different titles to his fans and reading on broadcast many times. Besides Korean novels, Jinyoung has also read many stories by English, French, and Thai authors, to name a few. In a recent interview with Cine21, Jinyoung’s answer for why he loves reading so much has fans falling even more in love with him.

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When Jinyoung was asked the question, he couldn’t help but laugh and feel shy. Being known as a book lover has added to Jinyoung’s scholarly image, and while he is indeed full of wisdom, he’s more often playful than serious.

To clarify, Jinyoung emphasized that while he loves books, he doesn’t actually read much.

Jinyoung is a relatively slow reader, taking his time to understand what’s happening in the story. And since he reads so many foreign novels, sometimes, keeping track of the characters gets difficult. However, these points only further support the fact that he really is an avid reader. Avid means passionate, so while he might not read many books, it’s clear that Jinyoung truly enjoys them and wants to get the most out of the stories he reads.

Finally, Jinyoung explained that he loves reading because he doesn’t want to fall behind.

As an idol and as an actor, there isn’t much Jinyoung does on his own. Wherever he goes, there’s a stylist, a manager, a director, a writer, and many more people who help him every day. Because of this, for the little Jinyoung can do, he wants to do his best, using books to grow his perspective and help him empathize with others more.

Jinyoung’s love for books stems from a humble heart constantly seeking to understand others, which speaks volumes about Jinyoung’s personality and reminds Ahgases of why they love Jinyoung so much.

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