GOT7’s Jinyoung Took His “Parasite” Cosplay Very Seriously At The Golden Disc Awards

He was dedicated to his cosplay character:

Every idol was seriously rocking the cosplay theme during the second night of the Golden Disc Awards and none more so than GOT7. Taking inspiration from films like “Men In Black” and “Outlaws”, each member went all out with their costumes especially Jinyoung who made sure he was in character at all times.

BamBam was the Mad Hatter from “Alice In Wonderland”, Yugyeom an agent from “Men In Black”, JB was Jang Chen from “Outlaws”, Youngjae an agent from “Kingsman”, Mark turned into Sherlock Holmes, Jackson was a vampire, and Jinyoung was Kiwoo from “Parasite”. Image credit: @GOT7Official/Twitter


Channeling Kiwoo from “Parasite”, Jinyoung nailed all of the details of his character from the outfit to the backpack and rock. It wasn’t just all these costume details that made Jinyoung the perfect Kiwoo, he also became Kiwoo!


With Park So Dam acting as MC for the awards, Jinyoung simply couldn’t resist channeling his inner Kiwoo around her! Park So Dam played Kiwoo’s sister, Kijeo, in the movie, so when GOT7 found themselves next to her, Jinyoung made sure to scoot next to his “sister.”


But Jinyoung was so dedicated to his role that even after GOT7 had changed, he was going full “Parasite”. Fans noticed that when GOT7 headed onto the stage to accept their Album Bongsang, Jinyoung was channeling Kiwoo!


Talk about some serious dedication!