GOT7’s Jinyoung Is The Ultimate Supportive Brother Modeling His Sister’s Clothing Line

Add that to the millions of reasons to stan Jinyoung!

With his soulful vocals, intense dance skills, princely visuals, and hear-fluttering personality, GOT7‘s Jinyoung is already ridiculously good at making everyone fall for him but he recently gave us all one more reason to love him even more!


A few days ago when Jinyoung was on his way to Music Bank, fans were once again left completely breathless with his dazzling visuals. Dressed in a fluffy sweater and throwing in a few of his incredibly deadly hair swoops, Jinyoung had everyone feeling seriously attacked!


As if that wasn’t enough, however, pretty soon some eagle-eyed Ahgase realized his sweater actually looked familiar and with good reason! One of Jinyoung’s older sisters, Soo Young, had posted a photo wearing a similar sweater to her Instagram!


The sweater in question was from Soo Young’s online clothing store and Jinyoung was supporting his big sis by sporting some clothes from her store!


This actually isn’t the first time that Jinyoung has shown support for Soo Young’s business either. In the past, he’s been spotted rocking a sweatshirt and jacket too! With Jinyoung adding one more item to that list, he had everyone absolutely melting!


You’ve got to love a sweet, caring, and supportive brother!