GOT7 Jinyoung’s Reason For Not Posting Selcas Often Had Youngjae Cracking Up Hard

Jinyoung loves to take selcas but he doesn’t post them often:

When it comes to posting to Instagram, well, to say GOT7‘s Jinyoung doesn’t post very often would be a bit of an understatement. He can, has, and will go months without posting anything at all and Jinyoung just divulged the secret as to why!


While exploring Madrid in a recent episode of their Tourlog, GOT7 took some time to snap a whole bunch of photos. While there were plenty of aesthetic landscape photos taken, there were also plenty of selcas snapped too!


Especially by Jinyoung! After snapping one of his selcas, Jinyoung turned toward the camera and revealed that while he’s filming shows and exploring different places he has a habit of taking lots of selcas.

I tend to take a lot of selcas while I’m shooting reality shows.

— Jinyoung


But if he takes a lot of selcas then that begs the question of why he never uploads them! Well…this is how he takes them!

Do you know why I don’t post my selcas? This is how I take them…

— Jinyoung


After making Youngjae crack up hard with his selca skills, Jinyoung clarified that although he may not be uploading these selcas any time soon, he keeps them all for his own personal record!

I just take them to keep a record. Don’t ask me why I’m not uploading the photos.

— Jinyoung


But after hearing Jinyoung’s full confession, Youngjae had one of his own. He just couldn’t help comparing Jinyoung’s photography skills with that of his dad!

It’s like dad’s photos! That’s how my dad takes photos!

— Youngjae


Well, even if Jinyoung’s selca game may not be perfect, fans would definitely still love seeing them all! Check out Jinyoung’s photo confession in the video below: