GOT7’s Jinyoung Uses One Particular Facial Expression For Bugs, Exhaustion, And…Yugyeom

He saves the expression whenever he’s dealing with Yugyeom:

One of GOT7 Jinyoung‘s ultimate weapons in his sassy arsenal is his ability to express himself through a single look. One look at Jinyoung and you’ll be able to tell if he’s excited, feeling mischevious, so done with everything, and more. But among all his expressions, there’s one in particular that he saves especially for dealing with Yugyeom!

Jinyoung recently participated in W Korea and Tom Ford‘s beauty film project which led to Jinyoung selling out a perfume in a single day. Along with the project, Jinyoung also sat down with W Korea to answer questions and dive deep into topics like his favorite books and his upcoming projects.

Among all the topics, W Korea also wanted to know a little more about one of Jinyoung’s most unique facial expressions.

#ㅍㅅㅍ #NoDescriptionNeeded #OnlyJinyoung #CanDoThis

— W Korea

When does Jinyoung bust out his “ㅍㅅㅍ” expression? According to Jinyoung, he uses this to express everything from being upset to being tired.

When I find bugs, when I feel tired, when I’m upset, or when I get annoyed by someone.

— Jinyoung

While the expression is very versatile, Jinyoung has a favorite use for this look. Topping Jinyoung’s list of “best time to use the ㅍㅅㅍ expression” is anytime Yugyeom is being an annoying maknae!

When Yugyeom, the youngest, is being a pain.

— Jinyoung

Considering one of Yugyeom’s favorite pastimes is to see how much he can annoy Jinyoung, it’s no surprise Jinyoung has thoroughly mastered this expression!