GOT7 Joke About Mark Being A Crybaby, But He Wasn’t Having It

He had a comeback ready, and so did Jackson.

During an interview with Billboard, GOT7 had fun joking about their leader JB. But, he wasn’t the only one who they targeted for a few laughs.

When asked who was the most likely to cry during a movie, they all selected Mark, except for himself and JB.

They had more than a few reasons why. Bambam said Mark cries while playing Battleground and Fortnite. Then, Jackson continued to joke that Mark cries when he showers, before he goes to sleep, and first thing in the morning.

Mark had enough of the joking, so he came up with his own comeback, “You guys talk too much.” But, Jackson had a better response for him that was so fittingly true, “We’re here to talk.” The nonchalant way he said it made it even funnier.

When they finally asked him why he cried so much, Jinyoung helped Mark out with the perfect answer. Mark revealed that he was always so emotional because he’s so thankful to fans.

Check out GOT7 playing around with each other here.