GOT7’s Manager Was Rude To The Translator, But Mark Tuan Made Up For It In The Kindest Way

“GOT7 was the sweetest K-Pop group I’ve ever met.”

While K-Pop translator Sandra Jung and former translator Jin Ho Bae discussed the artists who were amazing to work with, the latter couldn’t help gushing about GOT7.

Jin Ho Bae with staff and GOT7. | @_jinhobae/Instagram

Jin Ho Bae shared a behind-the-scenes story that proved why he had such a soft spot for the group, especially Mark Tuan. He admitted, “GOT7 was the sweetest K-Pop group I’ve ever met.

When Jin Ho Bae worked with GOT7, he remembered the head of their JYP Entertainment staff being extremely nasty and shouting at him. Whenever something out of their control went wrong, like a technical difficulty or late arrivals because of traffic, the manager would yell at Jin Ho Bae every time. It was so stressful that he said, “That’s the time where I lost five kilos in one day.

So there’s a manager and then there’s a head manager in JYP. Oh my god, this head manager.

She’s a lady. She always gets mad at me. …She starts yelling at me! I think just because she’s angry.

— Jin Ho Bae

So when Mark Tuan’s microphone suddenly cut off during the concert, Jin Ho Bae turned to look at the head manager and saw her ready to yell at him once again. Instead, he received something much more appropriate for his hard work than the “nightmare” treatment he’d been receiving from the head manager.

As fast as he could, Jin Ho Bae ran toward the stage and handed Mark Tuan a brand-new microphone. Although he kept apologizing, Mark Tuan noticed how hard the translator worked. Mark Tuan reassured him, “‘No, it’s not your fault. Not your fault.’

Mark Tuan then made Jin Ho Bae’s day by hugging him, giving him all the comfort and reassurance he needed at that moment.

Thanks to Mark Tuan’s act of kindness, the experience turned into a positive one for Jin Ho Bae to praise the members for genuinely caring.

Mark Tuan

Listen to Jin Ho Bae’s “nightmare” experience with the rude head manager become worthwhile because of GOT7’s kindness.