GOT7 Mark’s Aegyo Was So Strong That He Knocked Jackson Out With It

It was too much cuteness for Jackson to handle:

As the master of all things aegyo, GOT7‘s Mark is constantly charming Ahgase and everyone else with his cuteness. While his aegyo skills are always in top form, he recently took his things to the next level during GOT7’s latest appearance on MBC‘s Idol Radio and knocked Jackson out with his pure cuteness!

After making his introduction as the “cute, cute” member of the group, Mark was tasked with showcasing some of that cuteness with a bit of aegyo.

Please show us your cute face and say something cute as well.

— JB

Although Mark may have been a bit embarrassed to be put on the spot, as soon as the music was cued, he unleashed a full-scale aegyo attack that had Jackson shooting from his chair and flying across the room!

The reason? Mark’s aegyo was just too cute for Jackson!

It’s so cute!

— Jackson

But Jackson was in for even more adorable aegyo from Mark. After receiving such a big reaction, JB and Youngjae talked Mark into doing it one more time…

Shall we do it one more time? It’s so cute.

— JB and Youngjae

And this time, Mark’s aegyo was so strong that it completely K.O-ed Jackson!

You just got a new fan here.

— Yugyeom

Despite getting knocked out by Mark’s aegyo, Jackson’s love for it was so strong that he even asked for a third performance!

One more time?

— Jackson

Mark truly is the aegyo master! Check out the moment Mark unleashes his aegyo and knocks out Jackson with his cuteness around the 23-minute mark below: