GOT7’s Mark Was Lighting Fast With His Prank But Jinyoung Still Caught Him Red-Handed

Well, he almost got away with it!

GOT7‘s Mark is a skilled prankster, especially when it comes to pranking his members. Jinyoung, on the other hand, is very skilled at sensing when his members are up to no good and he definitely knew Mark was in the pranking spirit in the latest episode of GOT7’s Tourlog.


In the latest episode, GOT7 spent some time in Berlin, Germany where they took in the sights, had some fun at a fountain park, and simply enjoyed exploring the city!


When they came across a park that ran along the river, GOT7 stopped for a little rest and relaxation. As Jinyoung, YugyeomYoungjae, JacksonBamBam, and Mark sat along the river, they enjoyed listening to buskers, taking in the views, and grabbing a little something to drink.


After enjoying the moment for a while, GOT7 decided to head to JB who was peacefully reading along the water’s edge a little further down. As they approached, Jinyoung headed straight for JB and playfully asked for his photograph…which turned out to be the perfect opportunity for Mark to pull his prank on Jinyoung!


As Jinyoung was busy with the camera, Mark noticed Jinyoung’s half full drink and with lightning speed filled poured his own drink into Jinyoung’s!


Although Mark was faster than the speed of light in carrying out his prank, Jinyoung’s sixth sense was even quicker! No more than a few seconds after Mark had carried out his mission, Jinyoung picked up his cup, registered the difference, and knew Mark was behind it all!

What are you doing man?

— Jinyoung


Although Mark’s prank may not have been as successful as he would have liked, Ahgase have been loving the whole moment and can’t stop cracking up at Mark’s prank and Jinyoung’s reaction!


Maybe, next time Mark. Maybe, next time!