GOT7 Mark’s Powerful Relay Dance Kick Is The Quality Meme Content Ahgase Were Looking For

It’s everything they could have asked for and more:

GOT7 recently teamed up with Mnet‘s M2 and tried their hand at a relay race dance to their latest hit title track “You Calling My Name”. And Ahgase everywhere are thankful they did because one moment has blessed everyone with some prime meme content!


Since no one knows exactly which part they will end up dancing to during the relay, no one could have predicted that Mark‘s turn would come right at Jackson‘s kick, but it did, and Mark made sure he gave a very powerful kick!


That kick didn’t just look powerful, it turned out to be powerful meme content! When Ahgase saw that kick, they knew that they couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste and soon they were creating all sorts of hilarious and awesome memes!


Ahgase have been mashing up Mark’s kick moment with everything and anything! Some fans have been “blaming” Mark’s kicking skills for all sorts of things…


While others are taking the opportunity to solve all sorts of K-Pop mysteries!


Mark’s powerful kick seems to fit with every kind of situation possible and Ahgase are definitely loving the moment and all the creative memes created by their fellow fans!


Check out the OG version of Mark’s powerful kick that inspired all the fabulous memes in the video below: