GOT7’s Mark Proved He’s A Real-Life Angel When A Fan Asked Him For Water

He’s 100% a real-life angel:

GOT7‘s Mark has convinced us plenty of times that he’s the sweetest person ever, but his actions prove that he’s not just the sweetest he’s 100% a real-life angel.

During GOT7’s Keep Spinning world tour, they made a stop in Newark, New Jersey in the United States, where they stole everyone’s heart with their incredible performances, high energy, and amazing interactions with each other and fans.

This included one very sweet interaction between an Ahgase and Mark. During their performance of “Shopping Mall”, they spread out and Mark found himself on one end of the stage close to fans. When Mark made eye contact with one fan, they asked him for some water.

After Mark heard the request, he double checked with the fan that that’s what they really wanted by holding up an empty water bottle.

And when he got confirmation, he left his spot to go snag a new bottle for the fan before coming back and giving them the drink!

The lucky fan’s fellow Ahgases have been showing their love for Mark after seeing the incredible moment.

There’s simply no denying that Mark is a real-life angel!


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