GOT7’s Mark Proves He’s Never Had An Awkward Phase With Throwback Middle School Photos

Awkward middle school phase, who?

We’ve all gone through that awkward middle school phase, or at least, most of us have. For GOT7‘s Mark, that awkwardness never existed as he just proved with some throwback pictures of himself from middle school.

| @marktuan/Instagram

Every once in a while, Mark will surprise everyone with some photos from his childhood and recently, he decided to drop a few from his middle school years.ย Taking fans back to his school days, Mark shared a few photos on his SNS accounts captioned simply with, “Middle School.”

| @marktuan/Instagram

These pictures not only showcased Mark’s laid-back yet playful and fun personality but also his adorable visuals too!

| @marktuan/Instagram

While Mark’s photos always receive a lot of attention and love from fans, these photos, in particular, received a strong reaction not only because Ahgase can’t get over how little Mark has changed…

But also because the pics prove he’s never gone through an awkward phase!

The king of talent, visuals, and completely skipping that awkward middle-school phase!