GOT7’s Mark Revealed The Item That Is Worth The Most To Him Proving His Heart Is Pure Gold

His heart is made of pure gold!

GOT7‘s Mark has worn some of the most luxe items around, has modeled for high-end fashion companies like Versace, and as Jinyoung recently pointed out, he’s been going for a bolder fashion look lately. Yet, when it comes to the one accessory he thinks is worth the most, well, it proves once again that Mark has a heart of pure gold.


Mark and Jinyoung recently came together for an episode of GOT2DAY where they had fun eating snacks, teasing their members, and simply having a nice time. They also talked about fashion with Jinyoung pointing old Mark’s bolder style.


Then Jinyoung pointed out Mark’s bracelet at which Mark stated that his bracelet was very expensive and a priceless item…

My bracelet? It’s really expensive. Priceless.

— Mark


Before revealing it was none other than his wish bracelet! His wish bracelet is a matching one that GOT7 gave to Ahgase during their “Miracle” promotions and since that time Mark has never taken it off!

This is my wish bracelet for my fans!

— Mark


After Mark showed off his priceless bracelet, Jinyoung couldn’t help pointing out that Mark was really good at showing his love to fans.

Of course we all love our fans, but Mark is really good at expressing his love.

— Jinyoung


And it’s true! With the simple accessory, Mark has continued to wear his heart on his sleeve and has proven once again that he has a heart of pure gold!