GOT7 Mark Reveals Why He Doesn’t Care Their Albums Don’t Do Well In Korea

GOT7 recently met their fans with a comeback showcase and Mark confessed his feelings for the powerful affection and support he has received.

GOT7 held a fan event to celebrate the release of Flight Log: Arrival, which was also streamed live online. During one part of the program, however, Mark dedicated a few words of gratitude to their loyal fans. He also talked about the lukewarm reaction to their latest album and at some point compared it to their fellow labelmates under JYP Entertainment.

“Every time we release an album, amongst ourselves, how shall I put this? Our expectation is always high. But honestly, compared to our… It’s a little… You know right?

Honestly now, we are not that concerned about it. With our fans, the stage, because of our fans, we are able to stand on stage. Because you are here, everything’s okay. What I’ve realized from our fan meeting is that as long we have our fans, it’s all okay.”

— GOT7’s Mark

Fans have also reacted to Mark’s disappointment through their personal Twitter accounts and called on fellow fans to ensure that the group feels well supported throughout their promotions.

GOT7 recently returned with the release of Flight Log: Arrival on March 13. The showcase was held to commemorate the start of their comeback promotions. Member Jackson, however, was absent from the showcase due to a pre-existing health condition. He will remain absent from the group’s activities until March 19.