GOT7’s Mark Tuan Almost Quit Music, Here’s Why He Didn’t

We’re glad he continued!

Mark Tuan is one of GOT7‘s seven group members who are currently enjoying successful solo careers. It almost didn’t happen though.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | Cosmopolitan

Mark recently was a guest on Cosmpolitan‘s YouTube channel where he interviewed himself. One of the questions asked, “Did you ever think about dropping your music career?”

Mark answered that he had at one point.

Yes, I have. After moving back last year I really thought about just giving up and not working with music anymore. I don’t know if it was because I wanted to take a break or if I was just completely done.

— Mark Tuan

Mark began his solo career after GOT7 announced that they were leaving JYP Entertainment last year. He has since released several singles including the recently dropped “lonely.”

In a separate interview with Flaunt, Mark says that his solo career was a big part of his decision to continue music, “…after moving back to the States and having my own creative freedom, I wanted to continue.” 

Mark is happy with his choice.

I’m glad I didn’t, just because I’m having a lot of fun making music right now too. I feel like I still have a lot that I want to show people.

Mark is also set to release his new single “save me” April 7 at midnight EST.

We can’t wait to see everything that’s next for him!

You can check out the video with Cosmopolitan here.

Source: Flaunt