GOT7’s Mark Tuan Reveals The Unexpected Intention Behind The Viral “Mark Meal”

He met the fan who created it.

The latest episode of GOT7 BamBam‘s popular talk show, Bam’s House, reunited the group’s maknae with GOT7’s oldest member, Mark Tuan, for a special episode of the fun show.

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GOT7’s Mark (left) and BamBam (right) | 뱀집/YouTube

For the special episode, BamBam prepared the iconic “Mark Meal” for his fellow member, a convenience store recipe meal that was named after the GOT7 member and went viral in 2019

The recipe was created as part of a competition hosted by the Giant Spicy Rice Cake company, and the winning contestant was an Ahgase.

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“Mark’s Meal” | SnackFever

Mark revealed that he had met the famous fan who named the viral meal after him at a GOT7 fan sign event. While discussing the meal, the GOT7 member revealed the fan’s intentions behind naming the meal after him.

Mark shared with BamBam that the reason why the fan had dedicated the meal to him was because they sweetly wanted more people to know his name.

BamBam had heard the story, and further explained that the lucky Ahgase had wanted GOT7’s Mark to stand out and to “appear first in Naver’s search results.

Mark was able to thank the fan personally at the fan sign event, and both BamBam and Mark were touched by the kind gesture and the love they continue to receive from their fandom.

Check out the full origin story of “Mark Meal” below!