GOT7’s Mark Tuan Brings Back His Viral “Mark Meal,” And Jay B Wants A Bite

He reunited with the meal he made famous!

The “Mark Meal” is making its comeback!

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | GOT7/VLIVE

What exactly is the “Mark Meal?” It’s a viral convenience store recipe meal named after GOT7‘s Mark Tuan.

The Mark Meal is a delicious sausage and cheese rabokki dish named after the rapper, Mark Tuan, from GOT7. It was created as a result of a competition by the Giant Spicy Rice Cake company, in which those who wanted to enter would submit a recipe using the company’s rice cakes. The winning contestant, being a fan of GOT7 and Mark in particular, named her prize-worthy dish the ‘Mark Meal.’ Since then, this recipe has been notorious amongst the K-pop and snacking community due to its deliciousness, simplicity, and affordable price.

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The Mark Meal is an upscale take on convenience store-made rabokki (ramen and tteokbokki)! Rather than simply east instant tteokbokki (rice cakes), you combine it with instant spaghetti ramen, pre-packaged sausage, and mozzarella string cheese!

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This simple but delicious recipe went so viral online that it has even been featured on news sites, such as BuzzFeed.

It became such a huge trend that everyone visited convenience stores and tried the Mark Meal themselves! Many YouTubers (and even idols) shared vlogs about it.

The Mark Meal also made a cameo in the Korean sitcom So Not Worth It, starring Youngjae. CLC Yujin‘s character tries it for herself in episode 9!


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Now, Mark is bringing back!

Currently, Mark is in South Korea, so he had to try his own famous meal. He shared posts to social media as he reunited with his “old friend.”

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It’s been a while, Mark’s Meal~

— Mark Tuan’s caption

Good to see you~~~

— Mark Tuan’s caption

Leader Jay B even responded to Mark’s tweet in laughter! Maybe he wants a bite?

He can just ask!

Source: SnackFever