GOT7’s Mark Was So Done With Yugyeom After Yugyeom Directly Interfered With His Record Challenge

Yugyeom was just trying to help 😂

Through 1theK OriginalsKKINNESS Challenge, idols have the opportunity to try and beat some of the unique world records listed in Guinness World Records. In the previous episode of the show, GOT7 had taken on the record for peeling an unpricked boiled egg in the fastest amount of time. Although they may not have beaten that record, they were even more fired up for the challenges in the second episode…maybe a little too fired up!

Testing their throwing skills, GOT7 were challenged to beat the 13.63-second record for the fastest time to throw 10 soft toys at a target.

Despite the initial skepticism over the plushies they’d be using, GOT7 were confident that Mark would be able to give the record a run for its money.

The only problem? Yugyeom was a little too quick to help Mark! To deliver any of the plush toys that missed the target back to Mark as quickly as possible, GOT7 had set themselves up in a line with Yugyeom closest to the basket. When any of the plushies would miss the target, Yugyeom would quickly scoop them up and send them back.

After one toy bounced off the rim of the basket, however, and landed right in Yugyeom’s hands, well, that was the exact moment that gave Yugyeom some ideas. Namely, to catch the next toy and send it back before it even had a chance to land on the floor, in his hands…or even in the target itself!

With the plush bouncing off Yugyeom’s fingers and away from the basket, Mark was just so, so done!

GOT7, meanwhile, completely lost it at Mark’s reaction!

A little plushie interference and a whole lot of hilarity, that’s GOT7 for you! Experience the entire plushie throwing challenge and more for yourself below: