GOT7 Members Roast Yugyeom For Reading On The Plane

‘Tis the perfect season to have some roasted Yugyeom…

When GOT7 got on a plane and member Yugyeom busted out a book to keep himself entertained, it became another perfect Yugyeom roasting session for the other members.


BamBam posted, “Why is he randomly reading a book?” He added “kyum+book = make no sense…”

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Jackson also roasted Yugyeom for pretending to read.


Jinyoung showed dry enthusiasm for Yugyeom’s new concept.

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He said, “So awesome, Yugyeom.”


Mark summoned Yugyeom to the posting and asked out right what the heck he’s doing.

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And Youngjae, well… He cracked up.

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JB uploaded three in a row. He was completely mind-blown by Yugyeom’s in-flight hobby.

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JB said, “This is so awkward. Please stop. Please stop getting serious about it. Please stop getting into it!”


Yugyeom went around the members’ Instagram and replied. To most, he smirked it off. But to JB and BamBam, he had a bit more to say.


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