Why GOT7 Has Never Had The Chance To Show Their True Colors, According To Jackson Wang

“We were signed under a label.”

GOT7 may have just made a comeback as a fully self-owned group, but Jackson Wang still feels that they have yet to show their ‘true colors,’ and here is why.

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The members have been writing and producing the majority of their songs since 2016’s Flight Log: Departure, so Jackson feels that they know their true colors, but have yet to fully express them in their albums.

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In the past, the reason why GOT7’s music was not 100% GOT7 was simply because there were multiple voices involved in the creative process, not just the members’. While signed under JYP Entertainment, every album’s production involved everyone from GOT7 to the marketing team to J.Y. Park himself.

We were signed under a label. We’d respect their decisions as much as they respected ours, but every comeback involved the company team, marketing, A&R, JYP himself (founder, Park Jinyoung), and the seven of us. It was a huge conversation where everything was just flying around.

— Jackson Wang

More recently, however, while GOT7 gained the rights to the group, they still did not fully express their own colors. Their latest comeback album, GOT7, is meant to be GOT7 through and through, but it was seriously limited by time constraints.

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Due to all the members’ busy schedules, it was incredibly difficult for them to find the time to produce GOT7, and were forced to do it within a tight time-frame of 3 months. Jackson himself recently revealed that, though it was difficult, he ultimately chose to take time off for GOT7’s comeback because he thought about what’s really important to him.

Because of this comeback album, I was off schedule for 3 months. It’s not easy to take 3 months off when you have your own plans to some extent. Even though it was not easy, I saw that I had to do it. Because you can’t forget what’s important.

— Jackson Wang

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Within those 3 months, the members recorded the album, shot the music video, practiced for their 2022 FANCON HOMECOMING with I GOT 7, and did some promotions.

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The limited time they had to carry out this process left them with little opportunities for creative experimentation. Because of that, Mark Tuan explained, the members focused more on producing an album that is classic GOT7, but decided to leave the ‘new GOT7’ for the albums that are yet to come.

This album isn’t so much trying anything new but it’s more to show fans, this is us, and this is the type of performance and music they like. When we release more music down the line, I feel like that’s when they’ll see a newer version of us.

— Mark Tuan

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Seeing as the group hasn’t yet the had the opportunity to really express their own colors (this being their first comeback with full creative control), it will be fun to see what the new, or the real, GOT7 produce in the future!

Until then, if you haven’t seen it yet you can watch GOT7’s already iconic comeback “NANANA” on the link below!

Source: GQ Australia and W Korea