GOT7 Show They’re MONSTA X Fans By Shouting Out “Dramarama” During This Game

It was their first instinct; they couldn’t help it.

GOT7 had to sing a song based on a word they were given during a game of song association with ELLE. When it came to one particular word, Jinyoung had his own ideas.

They were given the word “Drama,” and Yugyeom instantly sang the lyrics to Tinashe‘s “No Drama.”

Even though they’d already won the round, Jinyoung said, “MONSTA X, MONSTA X,” while Yugyeom was still jamming out to Tinashe.

So, Mark began to sing MONSTA X‘s “Dramarama” along with Yugyeom and did the signature dance move for the full effect.

With Jackson and Joohoney being close friends, it’s no wonder that the rest of the group would be friendly with MONSTA X as well and would know their music.

Listen to them sing a snippet of “Dramarama” here.