Stephanie Poetri Revealed Her Inner Ahgase Choosing A GOT7 Bias And Fans Are Loving It

She proved the ahgastruggle is all too real:

Even before Stephanie Poetri teamed up with Jackson for “I Love You 3000 II”, she was already a pretty big fan of GOT7. After all, she did reveal in an interview that the first album she ever bought was GOT7’s Eyes On You! But since then, her inner Ahgase has only gotten stronger and it couldn’t be more relatable!


Stephanie recently played a game of 30 questions in 30 minutes with Buzzfeed where she revealed everything from her favorite emoji to what she keeps in her bag! But during the round of questions, Stephanie not only released her inner Ahgase!


Starting with a question about who she would take on a deserted island with her, Stephanie didn’t hesitate one second to name Jackson!

I would bring Jackson Wang.

— Stephanie Poetri


But the real Ahgase moment came when she was asked who her GOT7 bias was! While she started off by saying Jackson, she hilariously revealed that her bias was really Jinyoung!

I mean, I’ll say Jackson but it’s actually Jinyoung.

— Stephanie


Since every Ahgase knows how difficult it is to choose a GOT7 bias, they couldn’t help cracking up over Stephanie’s answers!


Check out the moment Stephanie released her inner Ahgase as well as more of her hilarious and amazing answers below: