GOT7’s Youngjae And DAY6’s Young K Found Out They Were “Twins” And Their Reactions Were Priceless

Based on their reactions they are 100% twins πŸ˜‚

Since stepping into their roles as DJs on MBC‘s Idol Radio, GOT7‘s Youngjae and DAY6‘s Young K have captured countless hearts with their easy and laid-back banter, playfulness, and overall amazing chemistry. And being on the same wavelength all the time, Youngjae and Young K decided to put their twin-like connection to the test during the June 2 airing of the program.

During the broadcast, Young K brought out a lie detector and asked Youngjae if he thought their connection was so strong they were like twins. Even before putting his hand in the machine, Youngjae was already positive that their connection really was that strong.

Young K: Youngjae matches so well with Young K that they’re like twins.

Youngjae: Yes, sir!

Once Youngjae had placed his hand in the detector, Young K asked once more, and again, Youngjae responded positively.

We’re like twins?

β€” Young K

With Youngjae so convinced, Young K couldn’t resist asking if they looked alike. When Youngjae answered negatively this time, Young K announced there was no way they could be twins then!

We look alike? We don’t look alike? Then we’re not twins.

β€” Young K

With Youngjae convinced they were like twins and Young K convinced otherwise, there was only one way to find out for sure β€” the lie detector! And the result? Twins! As soon as the lie detector said they were like twins, in perfect synchronization, the two turned to each other eyes wide and stunned! With their twin connection confirmed, what was left but to take the perfect twin photo Γ  la matching expressions!

Wow! We turned out to be twins!

β€” Young K

Their twinning reaction has fans everyone cracking up hard and falling even more in love with these two unexpected twins!

Watch the moment Youngae and Young K find out they’re secretly each other’s twin around the 1-hour and 4-minute mark below: