GOT7’s Yugyeom Has Fans Hunting Through BamBam’s Latest Live After Hinting He Dropped Spoilers

Yugyeom told Ahgase to look to BamBam for comeback spoilers:

When it comes to dropping spoilers for their comebacks, GOT7 take every chance they can get to tease fans with all sorts of hints and according to Yugyeom, BamBam dropped quite a few spoilers recently!

On April 1, Yugyeom went live to have some fun and chat with fans. During the live, Yugyeom revealed plenty of TMI content, played some of his favorite tracks for Ahgase, and talked about the music he’s been working on lately.

I’ve been working hard on music. I’ve been (working) very diligently. Everyone, please wait a little longer.

— Yugyeom

After letting fans know that he’s been working hard on new music, he promised Ahgase that they wouldn’t have to wait too long before GOT7 make their comeback!

As for preparing for a comeback…we will have it! We will have a comeback so don’t worry! If you wait a little bit, we will have our comeback!

— Yugyeom

Hearing the good news, of course, Ahgase couldn’t resist asking Yugyeom to give them some spoilers but instead of receiving spoilers from Yugyeom they received something else! In response to fans’ requests, Yugyeom pointed to BamBam as the spoiler king!

Ah, spoiler… Me? BamBam gave a lot of spoilers.

— Yugyeom

With Yugyeom’s words strongly suggesting that BamBam dropped major spoilers, fans were ready to comb through his recent live fro clues. The only problem was fans weren’t sure if Yugyeom was pulling an April Fool’s Day prank on them or not. After JYP Entertainment confirmed GOT7 were preparing for their comeback, however, Ahgase picked up the search and hunted for hints in BamBam’s lastest live.

While we won’t know for sure until more information about GOT7’s next comeback is revealed, so far, fans have found a few moments that could contain some of these spoilers Yugyeom was talking about! What do you think? Did you spot any spoilers in BamBam’s live?

You can watch Yugyeom reveal spoiler king BamBam beginning at the 6-minute and 50-second mark in Yugyeom’s live or search for some clues in BamBam’s live below: