GOT7’s Yugyeom Totally Changed His Image After His Move From JYP Entertainment to AOMG…But He Only Got Hotter

Fans are asking why he did not do this before.

GOT7 recently all moved to various new entertainment agencies after they left JYP Entertainment as a group. Yugyeom in particular, signed on with AOMG. When he met up with BamBam, his best friend couldn’t help but notice a huge change in his style.

According to BamBam, Yugyeom used to be pretty stubborn.

He’d never put his hair up…

…and never wore wide pants. However, when Yugyeom came in both that day, he explained that he wanted to try a different style than his usual looks.

Throughout his years as an idol in JYP Entertainment, fans rarely saw Yugyeom without his trademark tousled bangs.

No matter what color his hair was, he always had it down.

The style continued for years.

However, after his fresh debut as a soloist in AOMG, Yugyeom began to change up his image and style.

It seems that many are loving this change in his image! It certainly makes him look more handsome than cute.

| @yugyeom/Instagram

We think we have found a new celebrity crush!

| @yugyeom/Instagram

Netizens are going crazy over his new image.

  • “He looks so much more handsome.”
  • “Was he always this handsome?”
  • “He used to be cute…now he’s manly…”
  • “So funny how a hiphop label is styling him better than an idol label.”

It seems like we all can agree on one thing — Yugyeom’s gorgeous either way!

Source: theqoo


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