GOT7’s Yugyeom Had An Impromptu Photoshoot With Dispatch After Randomly Meeting Them On Vacation

It turned out to be the best kind of random encounter:

While having some fun in LA, GOT7‘s Yugyeom bumped into Dispatch by pure chance and it turned out to be the best kind of random encounter!


A few days ago, Yugyeom went live and revealed that he was with Dispatch! It turned out that while on vacation he just so happened to meet Dispatch and even did an impromptu photoshoot with them!

Everyone, hello. I’m here on Dispatch. I’m GOT7’s Yugyeom. I came to the United States on vacation. I was on vacation and happened to meet Dispatch. I just happened to meet them and everyone at Dispatch is so good to me, so I got to be on a broadcast!

— Yugyeom


Although the photoshoot wasn’t planned at all, Yugyeom revealed that it was one of the largest he’s ever done with Dispatch and one of the most fun too!

I’m in LA now. I haven’t walked around much, but after meeting Dispatch I’ve been to many places for shooting. Among all the photoshoots with Dispatch, I think this had the largest scale. I haven’t done many outdoor photoshoots so it was really fun.

— Yugyeom


As Yugyeom shared even more info about his random encounter and photoshoot, he couldn’t resist sharing a few of the photos they took together with Ahgase!


In addition to the sneak peek, Yugyeom confirmed that we’ll all get to see the photos from this shoot soon!

Anyway please look forward to seeing the photos. They took great photos of me and I’m sure they’ll upload them soon!

— Yugyeom


So we got a live, a sneak peek at his photoshoot, and the promise of seeing even more soon. Yep, definitely the best kind of random encounter! Check out more of Yugyeom’s live below: