Ahgase Burst Into Laughter When They Heard Yugyeom Straight-Up Rejected Jackson’s Food Offer

Youngjae exposed their entire conversation:

GOT7‘s Youngjae was in the perfect position to hear everything Yugyeom and Jackson said to each other during their “Thursday” stage, which also meant he was in the best place to spill all the details to Ahgase!


Mnet just released a behind-the-scenes video from GOT7’s MCountdown comeback stages which featured plenty of amazing and hilarious moments including the moment Youngjae exposed Yugyeom and Jackson’s hilarious conversation.


While standing in their ending “Thursday” formation, Youngjae decided to let fans in on the hilariously short conversation between Jackson and Yugyeom about going to eat together! According to Youngjae, Jackson was more than ready to treat Yugyeom to a tasty treat but Yugyeom…well…he just wasn’t feeling it!

Ah, Yugyeom said, ‘Korean beef…tasty.’ So then Jackson hyung said, ‘Let’s go eat beef then.‘ But Yugyeom just went, ‘Umm…no thanks!

— Youngjae


Yugyeom didn’t deny it either! And as Youngjae’s reveal had Ahgase cracking up, Yugyeom couldn’t resist spinning around and giving everyone a cheeky grin!


Meanwhile, Jackson had everyone laughing even harder when he revealed this definitely wasn’t the first time something like this has happened!

It’s okay, I’m used to it.

— Jackson


With Youngjae, Yugyeom, and Jackson cracking fans up hard make sure you check this moment and more in the video below: