GOT7’s Yugyeom Proved His Status As JB’s Biggest Fan As He Serenaded Fans Live

Fans noticed a connection between Yugyeom’s song choices and JB:

Over the past couple of days, GOT7‘s Yugyeom has been hitting the studio. While Yuygeom may be keeping what he’s been working on under wraps, he has been blessing fans with a few surprise livestreams along the way.

Yugyeom just surprised Ahgase with another studio live where he held a TMI session, played some songs from his playlist, and serenaded fans with his honey vocals. While fans melted over Yugyeom’s smooth voice, they also couldn’t help noticing something very sweet about Yugyeom’s song choices!

Starting off his mini-performance for Ahgase, Yugyeom did a quick warm-up before launching into a flawless rendition of GOT7’s “Pray”.

From there, Yugyeom spotted a comment about “Prove It”, and because he loves the song so much, he decided to sing a bit of that too!

Noticing that the first songs Yugyeom had chosen to sing were by JB, Ahgase couldn’t help teasing Yugyeom a little! Meanwhile, Yugyeom laughingly agreed with Ahgase and could only say that he liked JB’s songs a lot!

Yeah, they are all JB hyung’s songs! Because JB hyung’s songs are so nice!

— Yugyeom

Hearing each of Yugyeom’s sweet mini-performances as well as seeing some of Jus2 love, has hearts everywhere melting. Listen to Yugyeom sweetly serenade everyone around the 17-minute mark below: