Yugyeom Went Live And Proved He’s Just As Excited About GOT7’s Comeback As The Rest Of Us

He’s as excited as the rest of us!

With GOT7 already dropping some major hints about their next comeback, they’ve been amping up the excitement and leveling up Ahgases’ anticipation. But Ahgase aren’t the only ones who are feeling excited about GOT7’s upcoming comeback!

Image: @GOT7Official/Twitter

On February 29, Yugyeom blessed everyone with a livestream and from the moment his broadcast started, well, it was pretty obvious that Yugyeom is pretty hyped about their comeback too! After greeting fans, Yugyeom let slip that he’s been in the studio a lot lately and even revealed he’d been up to something that day before breaking out into a megawatt smile!

I’ve been well. I’ve been working on songs. Today, I did something…

— Yugyeom

From there on out, no matter what Ahgase would ask Yugyeom, the topic would always somehow turn back to their comeback!

Comeback? Be a little more patient. Okay? Wait a little bit longer!

— Yugyeom

Even a question about the shows he’s been watching lately quickly turned into Yugyeom dropping some hints and revealing how often he’s been in the studio working on new music!

Any entertainment show I’m into now? I’m completely into working on songs. I think I’ve been working on songs here in this room for 5 to 6 hours a day. I’ve been working on them for around 2 weeks. Everyday. I’m having a great time! I’m completely into it.

— Yugyeom

And when the live wound down and Yugyeom was getting ready to say goodbye, even then he mentioned the new music before promising to be back soon!

I’m making many songs now. That’s what I’ve been doing. Anyway, stay healthy. I’ll be back soon.

— Yugeyom

From beginning to end, Yugyeom proved over and over again that he’s just as hyped for GOT7’s comeback as the rest of us! Watch even more of Yugyeom’s excitement and more below: