GOT7 Revealed Yugyeom Gave A Whole New Meaning To “Hit The Stage” During The MV Filming 

Yugyeom created a new meaning when he literally hit the stage while filming:

As the skilled dancer GOT7‘s Yugeom is, whenever he hits the stage he leaves everyone breathless and feeling more than a little attacked. Besides all of his stunning performances including his jaw-dropping dances on the former dance competition show Hit The Stage, Yugyeom has brought a whole new meaning to “hit the stage.”


During GOT7’s recent Call My Name showcase, GOT7 hilariously exposed Yugyeom and his stage mishap. As they talked about the filming for their “You Calling My Name” MV, the MC asked if they had any incidents while filming.


As soon as he heard the question, Jinyoung jumped in and revealed that they had to completely stop filming one day because someone had shattered the glass floor. As Jinyoung delivered this news, everyone’s eyes immediately went to Yugyeom!

A member broke all of the glass on the floor, so everything was canceled that day.

— Jinyoung


Yep, Yugyeom shut down the set during filming because he accidentally broke the glass flooring! Yugyeom hilariously admitted that he had to film something and decided to walk across the glass floor. But that turned out to be a huge mistake when he accidentally kicked the stage and disaster struck.

I had something to film. I was walking and then…kkkkkrrrrrk. Everything broke.

— Yugyeom


JB who was walking with Yugyeom, meanwhile, remembered the exact face Yugyeom made when the incident occurred and couldn’t resist teasing the maknae by copying Yugyeom’s reaction.

I still can’t forget his expression!

— JB


But Yugyeom wasn’t the only one who was shocked! Yugyeom revealed that JB was really surprised by the whole thing!

He was walking with me. The sound was really loud and he was surprised too. We both kind of spaced out!

— Yugyeom


Thankfully, excluding the floor which couldn’t be saved, nobody was hurt and now GOT7 have a hilarious new story about how Yugyeom really hit the stage!