GOT7 Are Still Teasing Yugyeom About His Time On “Hit The Stage” And Fans Are Living For It

They couldn’t resist teasing him during their “Poison” performance:

Although it’s been almost 4 years since GOT7‘s Yugyeom showed off his jaw-dropping dance skills on the former dance competition show Hit The Stage, his members clearly remember every detail of his performances and they aren’t about to let him forget it any time soon!

From the very first moment Ahgase caught sight of the door prop in GOT7’s “Poison”, they couldn’t help thinking about Yugyeom’s legendary finale performance on the show. After all, Yugyeom’s stage also utilized a door!

It turns out, however, that fans weren’t the only ones who were thinking of his performance. At the beginning of “Poison”, Yugyeom makes his entrance via the door while his hyungs frame him. For reference, it looks a little something like this:

During their performance on Inkigayo, however, GOT7 just couldn’t resist the temptation to tease Yugyeom a little. The moment Yugyeom stepped foot through the door, they burst into a round of applause mirroring the intro to his Hit The Stage entrance causing Yugyeom to shyly duck his head as he tried his hardest not to burst out laughing!

Ahgase, meanwhile, haven’t been able to hold in their laughter over the whole situation. From GOT6’s teasing to Yugyeom’s reaction, fans are loving every second of the moment!

Check out the amazing Hit The Stage reference in GOT7’s “Poison” performance as well as Yugyeom’s legendary finale stage below: