GOT7’s BamBam New Vlog Just Screams Major Boyfriend Vibes

He gave fans an insight into his day!

GOT7‘s BamBam has been treating fans to a wave of content, including live streams and videos on his YouTube channel. He recently posted a vlog following his daily routine during quarantine, and it just screamed boyfriend vibes!

During the video, BamBam showed fans his preparation for a cooking stream he did on VLive and, even if you couldn’t always see his face, it was very sweet.

Fans were then treated to some adorable interactions with his cats as he tried to play with them all, even if they didn’t all want to return his love.

BamBam also explained that quarantine wasn’t as bad as he expected it to be, pointing out that it was perfect for someone who is a homebody!

I’m originally someone who likes being home, so I grow more at peace.

— BamBam

He also added that being at home made him feel calmer because of his ability to do what he wants without thinking too much.

Like what should I do tomorrow? But you don’t have to think about things like that. There’s a feeling that your mind becomes more at peace.

— BamBam

At the end of the video, BamBam even showed us how he finishes his day, snuggled up in bed with his beloved duvets, which looked so cozy.

It seemed like the perfect way to end a calm and relaxing day, and fans cannot seem to get enough of BamBam!

You can watch the whole video below.