GOT7’s BamBam Sang His Heart Out And Jinyoung Clowned Him

He couldn’t let BamBam tarnish their name.

GOT7 completed a boy group lyric challenge with Seventeen where they had to guess song titles and artist names from the lyrics they were given and finish them.

And, they had too much fun guessing. For one, BamBam guessed correctly that it was One Direction and Mark said the title “Story Of My Life” correctly as well.

So, BamBam began to sing it at the top of his lungs, off-key. And, it brought laughter to everyone, especially Yugyeom who clapped his hands and Youngjae who couldn’t hold back his laughter.

It was so off that Jinyoung had to clairify, “He’s the rapper. He’s the rapper.” And, everyone agreed with the statement wholeheartedly.

BamBam may not be the best singer, but he enjoyed himself and entertained everyone in the process. Check out his passionate singing here.


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