GOT7’s Jackson Reveals The Five Life Goals That Gave Him The Passion To Become A Celebrity

He’s an inspiration

GOT7’s Jackson is known as one of the most hard-working celebrities in Asia.

Not only is he a regular on variety shows and a celebrity with multiple endorsement deals, but he is also a K-Pop idol who embarks on world tours to perform with his group.

While he is definitely one of the funniest idols, many fans know how driven and motivated he is.

In a recent interview with SuperELLE, he revealed that his aspirations are derived from the five life goals that he hopes to achieve.

He has originally acknowledged that he has achieved one of his five life goals: his childhood dream of having a wax figure built at Madame Tussauds. 

With one off his bucket list, Jackson revealed that he still has four that he wishes to fulfil, as a celebrity.

His second life goal relates to his commitment to his songwriting and producing, a passion he has been heavily involved in since establishing his label Team Wang.

My second goal is for my song to enter the Billboard music charts, maybe top 100

Jackson’s next life goal demonstrates his pride in his fans and being able to connect with them and acknowledge their support through his performance.

My third goal is to be able to hold a concert at the Bird’s Nest Stadium, one day

The Bird’s Nest Stadium, famed for being designed for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, has been known for hosting some of the most famed performers and prestigious events, with a capacity of over 80,000 seats.

Jackson admitted that his next life goal was more practical.

I wish to buy ten houses

His last goal, and perhaps his most important goal, was something that Jackson has held dear to his heart.

The fifth goal is for my family and my Team Wang to live a happy life

With how grateful he is to his parents, Jackson has expressed that he hopes he can continue to make them proud.

Jackson has been shown to have an amazing chemistry with children, being incredibly tender with kids.

In fact, some think that he looks like a natural parent already!

Furthermore, Jackson has profusely discussed how grateful he is for the hard work of his staff at Team Wang, and it is natural to assume that he wishes the best for those who have supported him.

Having already ticked off one of his five life goals, there is no doubt that he will be able to achieve more of his life goals.

With as determined and ambitious as Jackson is, fans hope that he will be able to achieve satisfaction and happiness with his life, as he has set out to do for his final life goal.


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