GOT7’s JB, Mark, And Youngjae Tried To Copy Each Other’s Dance Moves And It Was A Hot Mess

Their friendship challenge mirror dance definitely did not go as planned:

GOT7 took Glamour‘s ultimate friendship test and while it was smooth sailing for Jackson and Jinyoung who passed the test rounds with flying colors…it was a little bit of a different story when it came to JB, Mark, and Youngjae.

Although the three introduced each other well when the test began, things turned into a real hot mess! From the very first challenge, they were already questioning each other…

And when it came time to share a long hug, Mark had to coax JB back into it!

But the messiest challenge of all was definitely the dance challenge. Mark, Youngjae, and JB were tasked with mirroring each other’s moves and while things did start off really well…

It quickly headed in the complete opposite direction as JB busted out some B-Boy moves that Mark and Youngjae weren’t so sure about mirroring!

Despite their initial reactions to the moves, they did reluctantly try them out.

And when their time was finally up, let’s just say everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief!

You’re making me dizzy man. Come on!

— Mark

Although they may have turned their friendship test into a hot mess, every Ahgase knows that all of the members including JB, Mark, and Youngjae are incredibly close just like family! Just maybe stay away from trying to mirror each other’s dance moves… Check out more of their hilarious friendship test, as well as Jackson and Jinyoung‘s and  BamBam and Yugyeom‘s in the video below:


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