GOT7’s Mark Shares His Long-Term Dream

Mark revealed how his recent interests sparked a newfound dream of his.

Recently, GOT7’s Mark did a photoshoot with Grazia magazine and sat down for a quick interview.

He explained how he felt tense and nervous when he first debuted, but has since become more relaxed and interested in having fun.

When asked about his recent interests, Mark revealed that he has been into fashion these days and hopes to release his own clothing line one day.

“These days I’m into shopping. Once I get into something I think I contemplate about it for a week. Just recently I bought a pair of sneakers and I thought I could wear them to the airport or for practice, so I bought them. If I get the chance, I’d like to launch a fashion brand in my name.”

— Mark (GOT7)

Mark has been known for his casual yet stylish outfits and fans are anticipating his fashion brand!

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