GOT7’s Yugyeom Is The Perfect Gentleman For What He Did To Help This Girl At The Airport

He couldn’t just stand by and watch.

While GOT7 were at the airport, Yugyeom did something that had fans gushing over how much of a gentleman he was.


A young woman was struggling to lift her luggage from the conveyor belt, but it wasn’t going too well. So, someone stepped in to give her a hand.

That someone was Yugyeom. He couldn’t bare to watch her struggle, so he lifted it for her.

And, he didn’t just lift it so she could get a stronger hold on it. He placed it on the ground as well so she could easily roll it away.

Fans who had been there couldn’t hold in their impressed chorus of “Oh,” which made Yugyeom a bit embarrassed as he smiled at the unexpected praise.

It wasn’t something Yugyeom had to think about, and that’s what made it even more impressive. See him lend a helping hand here.