Gugudan’s Mina Left Fans Wheezing When She Exposed SF9 Chani’s For Not Calling Her Noona

Mina totally exposed him:

Gugudan‘s Mina, SF9‘s Chani, and Stray KidsHyunjin have become the ultimate trio while MCing for Music Core. The three friends have delighted fans with their MC skills, their strong bond, and their hilarious interactions.

Ever since they became MCs for the show, many fans have often wondered how exactly they address each especially considering their interesting age differences. Mina belongs to the ’99 line while both Chani and Hyunjin belong to the ’00 line but Chani is actually only one month younger than Mina!

So when fans got the chance to ask Mina whether or not Hyunjin and Chani call her noona during an Instagram Q&A session they took it! Except, Mina gave an answer so unexpected and hilarious that it left everyone wheezing!

In reply to the fan’s questin, Mina revealed that while Hyunjin does in fact call her noona, Chani does not. In fact, he absolutely refuses to call her that!

While Mina didn’t serve up any more details about Chani’s refusal to call her noona, fans everywhere can’t help cracking up not only at Chani’s refusal but also at Mina totally exposing him for it!

Well, that’s exactly what friends are for right?