A Guide To Spending One Day In BTS Suga And V’s Hometown Of Daegu

Let’s take a trip down memory lane!

Both BTS’s Suga and V are born in the fourth-largest city in South Korea, which is Daegu. It is a city where tradition and modern day coexist. It is also a city known for its great food and for the arts and music. Here is a quick guide to a one day trip to Daegu!




1. Dalseong Park

This park is a favorite picnic spot for many people who live in Daegu. It is also a park that V frequented when he was young. V also took a picture in front of the tree that can be found in the middle of the park. You can find pics of V from when he was a baby and from back in 2015 at this park.





2. V (Taehyung) High School

V attended Daegu Jeil High School. While it is okay to see the school, make sure not to enter the building out of respect for the current staff and students!




3. Seomun Market

The Seomun Market is the biggest traditional market in Daegu. It also sells Suga’s favorite flat dumplings!




4. Namsan-dong Tour

Namsan-dong is where Suga’s music studio was located. This street is filled with many music studios and stores. Suga’s lyrics, “starting from an underground studio in namsan-dong to Seoul” means he worked really hard since Daegu is really far away from Seoul. Not knowing he would become this famous, he went through some really tough times while working on his music here.




5. Gwaneum Middle School

You can take the monorail to Dongcheon station and get a great view of Daegu. But you will also be able to realize just how far it would take from Namsan-dong to Suga’s middle school. To think that he walked this distance because he didn’t have enough money is truly heartbreaking.




6. Gangbuk High School

Suga had a passion for music and basketball during his high school days.




7. 724 Bus

For those of you that might not know, one of Suga’s mixtape songs called, “724128” was named after this bus. The ‘128’ part of the title refers to the bus number that he rode in Seoul.




8. Mackchang Restaurant

For dinner, you can stop by for some makchang, which is also one of Suga’s favorite foods. He’s even said that he’s going to open his own restaurant someday.



9. Dongseongno

Dongseong-no is the downtown of Daegu where all the hot spots are located. You can do a lot of shopping and eat yummy street food here.



10. Chilsung Night Market

This night market is another hot place in Daegu. You can try tons of great food and even write your wish on a flower and let it float on the water.




Let us know which spot you would want to visit the most!



Watch the full tour below!