Korean Twitch Streamer HAchubby Shares Her Favorite Weird Food Combination: Ketchup On Cinnamon Roll

Don’t knock it till you try it.

Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby was a guest on episode 43 of DIVE StudiosNONSENSIBLE podcastwith Sam Hammington, Dave Lavene, and Saul Goode. She talked about opening her own convenience store after quitting her part-time job at another convenience store due to stream doxxers.

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She shared a little bit about streaming and told them that her viewers discourage her from cooking because her taste is “weird.” As an example, she uses too much oil. Not only does she have a love for oil, but she adores ketchup as well. She’ll add ketchup to everything, including cinnamon rolls! She mentioned this so casually that the guys had her backtrack and explained.

When she asked her if it was actually good or not, she said, “Of course good!” They laughed at her response, but she was serious! She defended herself, “It is real similar to toast. You know, cinnamon roll is bread and toast also bread.” Saul gave his counterargument by pointing out that they wouldn’t normally eat ketchup, even on toast.

Dave attempted to be more open-minded than the rest. He said that if HAchubby brings him a cinnamon roll with ketchup, he will try it, but he won’t go out of his way to do it. Sounds like a good video concept.

They asked her what else she eats with ketchup. She replied that she’d eat pizza, BBQ, kimchi fried rice, and samgyeopsal. It was seeming like she would eat just about anything with ketchup until Dave made a suggestion. When he mentioned bananas, she was disgusted!

Sam asked what inspired her to try ketchup on a cinnamon roll for the first time. She explained that when she went to Germany, they don’t give a lot of condiments, particularly “sweet sauces,” so she would carry around her own ketchup packets. Sam pointed out that technically cinnamon rolls already have sweet sauce on them because of the icing. She said, “Cinnamon roll is sweet, but if I add ketchup, more sweet.” 

She might be on to something! At least, a new food trend to try.

You can watch the full clip from the episode below.

Source: HAchubby, DIVE Studios and Pokémon
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