Haha Refers to “Infinite Challenge” as the Show That Made Him Into a Decent Human Being

“The show was like my mother.” – Haha

Haha recently talked about his friendship with the Infinite Challenge cast as well as how meaningful Infinite Challenge was in his life.

In a video uploaded by 5 Minutes, Haha read questions from fans which included the question, “Do you still contact the other Infinite Challenge members often?

In response, Haha explained that they don’t, but that they’re so close that no one takes it personally.

We’re not able to contact each other much. Since I’m a father now, I don’t get many calls anymore.

– Haha

He also added that it’s never awkward when they get together after a long time because that’s just how close they are.

I don’t think good friends feel burdened by things like that. We don’t feel awkward with each other even if we meet up after a really long time.

– Haha

When another fan asked Haha to describe what Infinite Challenge means to him.

In response, Haha gave a surprisingly meaningful answer, referring to the show as what made him into a decent human being.

Infinite Challenge is like ‘ my mother Yoong-de Okjeong’. The show was like my mother. It clothed me, fed me, and helped me grow up. Infinite Challenge is what made me into a decent human being. It taught me how to be strict with myself.

– Haha

Infinite Challenge, which premiered back in 2005, took the world by storm but came to an end 13 years later in 2018.

Check out Haha’s full confession below:

Source: Insight