Half Of His Group Members Are Married, But One Idol Isn’t A Fan Of Public Relationships

He has a different approach to his love life.

Although many first and second-generation K-Pop idols have managed to balance their married life with their busy careers, one idol is against going public with his relationships.


Since SHINHWA‘s Andy, Junjin, and Eric have already gotten married, the love lives of the other members have become a hot topic. So Jaejoong couldn’t resist asking Lee Minwoo if he’d be the fourth member to tie the knot.

Kim Jaejoong

After thinking about it, Minwoo carefully revealed that it wasn’t one of his top priorities. That wasn’t enough to satisfy Jaejoong’s curiosity.

Lee Minwoo and Kim Jaejoong.

He followed up with another question about Minwoo’s love life. Jaejoong asked his senior if he ever planned to reveal the identity of his lover to the public.

Unlike his members who have revealed their wives to the public and even shared their wedding photos, Minwoo had different plans. He said, “No, I’d just like to share the news once we get married.

Having spent twenty-five years of his life in the spotlight, Minwoo’s love life is one thing he wants to continue to keep private—even after he’s married.

Listen to the first-generation idol speak about his plans for marriage and public relationships.